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ALERT: Have you ordered tables for your event? Catering is running into a problem when delivering food because there are no tables set up for the event. YOU MUST HAVE A CESO COORDINATOR to handle your event in order to assure that you will have the proper equipment.



 Please ask your guests to notify you of any food allergies that they may have. We offer several hot and cold Gluten Free entrees for persons sensitive or allergic to gluten. We also are able to offer sugar free gelatin or fresh fruit cups for dessert for those requesting it.

We appreciate a "heads up". Let us know in advance of large events. We are looking for a date, time and approximate counts. You may do this weeks in advance and that will help us schedule our resources. Thank you.

The minimum timeline for ordering food for a catered event:
5 working days for an event under $100;
7 working days for service for 20-99 guests;
14 working days for 100 guests or more.

An 18% administrative charge will be added to the total of the food for a meal that is served on china; a 15% administrative charge will be added if the meal is served on disposables and you request that a waitperson remain on the premises.

The administrative charge does not represent a tip or service charge for wait staff employees or bartender.

Conference and Events asks that you book the room prior to ordering your food; also be sure to send a copy of your food order to your Event Coordinator. In order to reserve a space and/or equipment on campus, please contact the Conference and Event Office at (508) 531-6139 or through their online reservation form.

 Bridgewater Dining Services website may be accessed by clicking on the link below. This web site will provide details on the new Faculty- Staff Dining Plan.







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